ACP Baramani Back to Belagavi


Belagavi : Known as “Trouble Shooter” in police sector, former Belagavi CCB ACP Narayan Baramani who transferred to Police Training School at Khanapur last week has returned back to his last post.

The government has posted him back to his previous post on ground that “He knows better in Crime Sector of Belagavi”.

Baramani has high political connectivity is in various police discipline in the district for almost 15 years in the district. He was Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for sensitively known as “Red Zone” Market Station limits and is very much appreciated by curbing the crimes, especially the communal clashes.

Since period limitation was their for the higher officials in a place in police department he too was posted for completing three years as Market ACP, however was taken back to his former place.

Government, last week, had posted ACP Sadashiva Kattimani to Baramani’ post.


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